Today, we have important news for all the individuals currently owning or willing to purchase or adopt a cat for their children. There have been some controversies around felines, as one of newspapers reported that kids brought up with cats have a higher likelihood of suffering from serious mental illnesses, especially while compared to those who grow up without any animals at all.

Public opinion has been divided, as the statement has been so absurd that it has been difficult to say something about it without sufficient scientific data. Fortunately enough, scientists from University College London have decided to dispel all the doubts that have been connected with the statement that maintaining close relations with one’s cat may make one mad. We are more than glad to inform that it has turned out that the statement published in the aforementioned newspaper has been utter nonsense.

Within the scope of the study, over five thousand individuals up to age 18 who have had a cat in their household have underwent a comprehensive scientific examination. The point of focus for the scientists has been to find a correlation between cat ownership and higher risk of mental illnesses development. However, they have indicated that some people have believed that there is a substantial risk of being exposed to cat feces and litter for long periods of time, as they may contain harmful bacteria, which are capable of attacking human brain and causing serious damages there.

However, carried out examinations have shown that both children brought up with and without cats have been sane to the same degree, the amount of bacteria identified has been marginal, and mental illnesses occurrence has been dependent on other, more environment-oriented factors than having a cat alone. Hence, it is safe to say that buying your kid a feline will not turn him or her into a psycho!