There are numerous cons and pros of purchasing or adopting a cat and there is no denying that. While taking into consideration negative sides, one has to remember that owning a feline is a responsibility. It has to be fed, groomed, and taken care of regularly in order to stay happy and healthy.

Sometimes, there are also costs connected with the necessity of taking your beloved animal to a vet for standard check-up or a detailed examination. On the other hand, being in possession of a cat is an endless joy. You can take your cat almost anywhere you want, you may play with it all day long, or simply watch it doing cat things. However, as it has been claimed by scientists, those are not only benefits of owning a pet.

Basing on the example of a young boy from India, experts have concluded that cats can create a strong, very intimate bond with their masters, which in turn may help the latter overcome some serious illnesses and mental conditions. In this very specific case, an adorable feline has helped a boy to overcome one of main health problems he was struggling with, namely – selective mutism. For those of you who do not know the term, it is a form of social anxiety where a person is unable to speak fluently while in a highly stressful societal context. Selective mutism may occur during one’s first day at school, oral exam, fierce dispute, etc. Fortunately enough, it can be fought thanks to the force of feline love and affection.

Cats help people, especially children, overcome stress, anxiety, and inability to socialize. By talking to a pet in an one-on-one scenario, kids can learn how to formulate comprehensible, fluent utterances before trying to speak in front of other people. Therefore, if your child seems stressed and cannot cope with difficult situations, buy or adopt him or her a pet companion. The bond that will be created between the animal and the child can only do good for both parties involved!