We all laugh while hearing jokes about chickens crossing the road, but as it turns out, global examinations have shown that roads and heavy traffic are reasons of death of many felines from all over the world.

Experts from the German Center for Biodiversity have presented comprehensive reports, from which it can be concluded that as much as 17 highly endangered species of carnivores, including cats, raccoons, and bears are under a heavy threat of extinction due to roads. They are frequently killed and heavily injured by trucks, speeding passenger cars, and large-size buses.

Even though it is rather difficult to prevent such accidents from happening, as drivers do not know where and when to expect cats to attempt to cross the road, scientists have claimed that such reports and investigations help raise general awareness of the population and may lead to slowing down or being more conscious while driving in a close proximity to forests, meadows, mountainous areas, and spots alike where such animals can be typically found.

By driving more carefully, we can indirectly contribute to the preservation of several species that will otherwise die out and disappear from the face of the Earth.