Did you know that the shape of feline eyes are characteristic for animals that are hunters? It may come as a surprise for you, but the inner instincts of cats that some thought have been long gone are still present and manifest themselves through cat’s eyes. It may seem as a far-fetched arguments, but scientists have actually performed a set of examinations on over 200 animals, which have shown that the way of life of an animal and its food preferences can be to a certain degree read by looking deep into its eyes.

One of scientists has even said that felines may have one of most distinctive and at the same time – most beautiful – eyes on our globe. Why is that? Not only are they deep and have a stunning color, but their pupils are vertical. Animals with such eye pattern typically hunt for their prey and eat hardly any herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

Have you noticed something interesting while observing your cat playing with its brand new toy? It scrutinizes the item at first, then slowly approaches it…and attacks the toy as it was a prey to be eaten alive! It is more than fascinating to see that the hunter instinct of feline predecessors has not died out and is still present in those adorable, seemingly harmless animals that we are so keen on purchasing or adopting and taking to our houses.

When it comes to other interesting facts about cat’s eyes, it has to be indicated that their vision is the sharpest when the object they look at is from 4 to 5 meters away. What is more, contrary to what some people claim, felines are not colorblind, as they do see basic colors in a similar manner humans do, but in their case, some hues are more muted and less noticeable than others.

When pet’s pupils become more narrow than usually, it may mean that your beloved four-legged friend is angry, anxious, or willing to attack. Widened pupils signifies that the animal is excited or playful, as it has identified no threat to its well-being in the immediate surroundings.