We have seen it before – cats and dogs fighting each other only to become real friends in the end. But putting idyllic comedies and cartoons aside, is such a state of affairs possible in real life? As it turns out, it is!

Scientists have reported that three species of animals – tigers, leopards, and Asian wild dogs do not compete, but rather cooperate with one another to survive, hunt for food, and find shelter in Indian forests.

Even though it seems that they should fight one another to the death and compete for their territories, they have chosen quite an unusual way out. Cats help dogs hunt wild birds and small animals whereas the latter help the former scare off carnivores and other threats that await them deep in unexplored forests. It seems that we should learn from those animals.

If canines and felines can live in peace and harmony, so can we – the representatives of various races, genders, social backgrounds, and religions. As it can be seen on the example of the three collaborating species, when survival is at stake, all other animosities have to be put aside and forgotten about.

The cooperation between tigers, leopards, and wild dogs has also taught scientists an awful lot about biodiversity in action and the need of maintaining as many species in one territory as possible for them to cooperate, find common enemies, and fight for survival.