They may be mysterious and intriguing for some and frightening for others, but it goes without saying that cheetahs are the fastest animals known to man. Scientists have been analyzing the anatomy of those fascinating creatures for many consecutive years and now, thanks to advances in modern science, they decided to create scaled-down robots capable of moving in a similar manner their progenitors do.

Surprisingly enough, the project has proved to be a remarkable success and now it allows experts from various fields to study movement patterns of cheetahs without the necessity to come to a zoo or any other place where they live.

Such a faithful replication has been possible thanks to the synergy of highly advanced pieces of software, state-of-the-art hardware and mechanical components (rotors, motors, rams, etc.).

It has to be indicated at this point that the created robot looks rather like a cheetah stripped down, as it resembles its skeletal and muscular structure rather than the stunning external beauty.

Nevertheless, with contemporary science making such huge leaps, it is possible that our children or grandchildren will be granted the possibility of playing with scaled-down animals moving and behaving just as real ones do! We just have to wait for what future will bring!