Photo by David Doidge

It is a commonly known fact that the majority of cats are very picky eaters and they are not likely to give some food products a try, even when they are very hungry. However, there is a world of difference fussy eating and consuming products that may have a tremendous impact on pet’s health. Therefore, within the scope of this article, we would like to inform all cat owners what they should refrain from feeding them with to minimize the risk of digestive problems and even more problematic health concerns.

For example, do not feed your cat any form of garlic or onion, as those vegetables may damage your pet’s blood cells, which may lead to severe anemia. You should also refrain from feeding your animal excessive amounts of grapes and raisins, as they may not be properly digested by their stomach.

The said fact may result in vomiting, dizziness, and constipation. Yet another no-no is chocolate, regardless of its form, as it may cause hyperactivity, interfere with the proper beat of your cat’s heart, and – while seriously overdosed – may even result in seizure or death.

Interestingly enough, pets should not be given too much processed milk, as they are in many cases lactose-intolerant and they may suffer from painful bloating and digestive problems. Overfeeding cats with fish of one type is also advised against, as it will surely not provide all required nutrients your pet needs.