For some individuals, especially for fresh cat owners, the specification of what their pet should consume on regular basis is an overwhelmingly difficult task. While feeding a cat, one has to remember that its diet differs remarkably from the one of humans. For example, cats require loads of calcium to keep their bones and joints in a satisfactory condition.

Therefore, they should be given cooked vegetables, salads, and non-processed milk. One should not forget that the aforementioned nutrient is not the only one that should be implemented in pet’s dietary program. It should also include food rich in proteins, both animal and plant ones. Experts especially recommend feeding felines chicken, fish meat (especially tuna), and lean meat.

Try to avoid dry replacements of homemade food as they may absorb too much water from pet’s organism and cause excessive fatigue, digestive problems, and constipations. You may also supplement the diet of your beloved pet with store-bought preparations that are rich in minerals and vitamins that your cat needs.

However, before purchasing them, you should consult your vet, as food products and dietary supplements that are suitable for one feline may turn out not to be recommended for another.