Cat training is a problematic task, as felines are typically not obedient and have to be tamed first and then taught how to behave in a certain way expected by a trainer or the owner. However, there are numerous tools available the aim of which is to facilitate the process. One of them is called “clicker”. Is it truly that effective?

According to recent studies, it remarkably helps in teaching pets how to act in certain situations and train them by taking advantage of the stimuli-behavior relation. Sometimes it is also a recommended solution to enhance learning with small treats, which may have the form of cat’s favorite snacks, for example.

Tell your cat what it should do, then wait for its response, and when it is a proper one, use your clicker and give the feline a small treat. Repeat the procedure several times, then stop. Perform the entire process again on the next day and so on. By doing so, you will show your pet that the performance of certain actions is connected with a pleasant click and/or reward. All you have to do afterwards is to combine this basic tool with some more comprehensive and advanced training techniques. Who knows – maybe after some time you will be a proud owner of a properly tamed and well-behaved animal?