Every cat owner knows that having a cat is not only enjoyment and excitement, but also – the responsibility of keeping their beloved pet in an optimal health condition. How to do so? The first step is to engage in preventive care, which is predominantly oriented towards making regular appointments with your vet.

The professional in question will perform a basic check-up and will quickly tell you whether your feline is happy and healthy or it requires immediate treatment due to an infection or serious illness.

Regular check-ups are not costly, so you should opt for scheduling them every month or so. What is more, do not forget about both recommended and compulsory vaccinations that may not only help your pet avoid serious illnesses, but will also ensure its satisfactory health. You should also familiarize yourself with the symptoms of most life-threatening conditions that require quick medical attention.

An experienced owner should check pet’s eyes, nose, breathing patterns, walking style, skin, and urine consistency/color for abnormalities that may indicate that something working is going on with his or her feline. Grooming your cat often and getting rid of excessive hair may also be a good idea when it comes to everyday care.