Contrary to common belief, cat grooming is not as simple and straightforward as some may consider it to be. Proper techniques and tools have to be taken advantage in order to keep your feline not only as aesthetically pleasing as possible but also, to maintain its optimal health.

One of advises that is most frequently given by vets and other pet experts is to start brushing your pet from a very early age. The idea behind the said approach is to make it possible for your beloved four-legged friend to become accustomed to a brush and other tools that are used for treatment in order to be comfortable with them in later life. What is more, do remember to always be gentle and do not exert excessive force while taking care of your cat as it may be become restless, anxious, and avoid further grooming-related undertakings.

In some cases it may happen that your feline will actively hate tools you use. Then, refrain from utilizing typical brushes and try to do pet’s hair with a soft oven glove. Thanks to that, grooming will be associated with a gentle touch of the owner.

Sometimes cats may become too frustrated or stimulated during grooming, which may be connected with the necessity of asking another family member to hold the cat during treatment. Remember, there is nothing wrong with a little help of another person!