It can be stated without any doubt that Sphynx cat is a highly controversial breed. Some adore them and cannot live without them, whereas some others consider them to be ugliest animals alive. As it is rather difficult to discuss tastes and preferences, the focus of this article is going to be their distinctive features.

Pet aficionados probably know that they quickly create strong and long-lasting bonds with their owners, as well as with people from their immediate surroundings. They feel very comfortable around children and are not afraid of an excessive amount of physical activeness.

That is why they are perfect for all couch potatoes, as well as fans of sports. Sphynx cats are perfect snuggle buddies – they will gladly lay on your lap or under your shoulder when you watch TV or play computer games on your laptop. Interestingly enough, they are sociable to such a high extent that they can easily befriend not only a representative of their own breed or another cat, but a domesticated dog as well!

Do remember that Sphynxes do not have any hair, so they should be additionally protected against excessive cold during autumn and winter. You do not want them to catch a cold, do you? Remember to always take a proper care of your four-legged friend!