Siamese cats are loved by all people who like a pet not only to look pretty but also – to behave in an intriguing, mysterious manner. They are like professional advisors of the animal world. They just love to straightforwardly express their likes and dislikes by meowing.

Their emotions can be easily guessed by observing their facial expressions and gestures. What is more, they may become irritable when you constantly neglect them or marginalize their needs. Nevertheless, if treated well, they may become family’s best friends and favorite pets.

They are not picky eaters and do not need a lot of treatment, especially thanks to their short hair. It has to be mentioned at this point that Siamese cats are amazingly clean. They will not leave shedding behind. You have to do your best to find your Siamese cat a companion, especially if you are frequently away. This breed hates being left alone and quickly becomes moody if subjected to prolonged loneliness.

Try to keep them active as well, as they are highly agile and love to go outside to run and frolic from time to time. Owners of Siamese cats should not, however, let them leave their houses during winter and early spring, as they may develop asthma or bronchial diseases that require costly medical treatment.