Persian cats are recommended only to individuals who are highly experienced in terms of cat breeding and maintenance, especially due to the fact that they are quite challenging to tame and to teach how to behave. They are extremely dignified and have their own ways. It has to be taken into account by owners, as Persian cats are independent and require a lot of care to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

It must also be remembered that they adore sedentary lifestyle and are not one of most active breeds around. Individuals that would like to play a lot with their pets and spend a significant amount of time should rather think about buying or adopting Abyssinian or American shorthair cat, as they are more enthusiastic when it comes to engagement in various games.

Persians on the other hand are lap cats, who love to be caressed and cared about. They do not mind being center of attention of all the individuals in the room, but while treated improperly and with not enough caution, they may become hostile or quickly leave the area.

It is their way of showing their independence and avoiding possible harm they may be the subject of. Do not forget that they are fussy eaters – can food or cheap meals will surely not be enjoyed by them. They look for much more sophisticated and elegant dishes.