Maine coon cat is sometimes referred to as a small tiger, mainly due to the look of its hair, but it has to be said that when it comes to exotic, wild look, oriental cat is the way to go! It looks like a tiny, adorable, yet still potentially dangerous panther or tiger.

What is more, this breed is born to hunt and scan its surroundings, so do not be afraid or surprised when you see that your cat closely follows your every move and meticulously inspects your actions. Do not fret, though – it will not attack or scratch you. It will rather try to understand your customs and become an important part of them. Oriental cats are also characterized by their above-average helpfulness and playfulness.

They will be more than glad to bring you things that you have lost on your way. The said character trait may also be taken advantage of while playing with your pet – it will then behave just like a well-trained dog, bringing you a stick or a ball that you have thrown earlier.

Do not be deceived by its looks, oriental cat is a great companion and loves spending time with its owner. It generally feels comfortable around strangers and other household members, but sometimes it needs a bit of encouragement and attention to show how bold and funny it really is.