Have you ever dreamt about a cat that looks like a combination of a lion and a tiger? If so, maine coon cat will be the right choice for you. This majestic cat lives for quite a long time and is remarkably healthy, so all your concerns as its owner will be grooming and caressing it properly.

Before buying or adopting it, you must be aware that it is rather a selfish and egocentric animal that is not likely to befriend other pets that you have in your apartment, as well as it may be hostile towards other members of your households or strangers it does not know.

That is why this breed is frequently chosen by singles, who do not see many people often in their house or flat and can spend their free time playing with and grooming their pets. This cat is extremely intelligent and playful. While outside, it will willingly engage in the game of fetch, hide and seek, and will run next to your leg exploring its surroundings.

It can be said without a doubt that maine coon cat is a one-of-a-kind combination of beauty, brains, and good manners. If you are an introvert who does not like hanging out with friends too much, than it will be a dreamlike companion for you. Just remember to feed it regularly and groom it often – it will be more than grateful for that.