If you are willing to purchase or adopt a cat that is exceptionally beautiful and the lifespan of which is remarkably long, then you should opt for a Birman cat. They are notably difficult to groom and take care of, especially due to their semi-long hair which require time-consuming brushing and additional maintenance-related undertakings to be performed.

It has to be stated unequivocally, however that the result of such actions is simply stunning. The aforementioned breed is like a dream coming true for all the individuals living in crammed flats or small houses, as they are docile, rather quiet, and just love to constantly check what its owner is doing.

The cat is remarkably inquisitive, but it should be considered to be its desired trait, as it will surely be loved by all the quests visiting you, as well as by your children (if you have any). Birman cats are superb with people. Even though they may approach them in a shy manner at first, they quickly show their true self and start frolicking around looking for attention and care.

Some people adore those cats’ low, soft voice, which is pleasant to listen to, unlike the voice of some other breeds. This cat breed may not be among the cheapest ones, but if you love those animals, they are the perfect value for the price you will be asked to pay for them.