Those cats may seem underwhelming at first, but do not be fooled by their inconspicuous looks. Some may not know that they are exceptionally friendly towards kids and strangers that may visit you at your place. They love caresses and their aggressiveness is close to none. That is why they are chosen as pets by families with children, who can learn how to handle a living creature.

Nevertheless, one has to remember that their preferred level of physical activeness varies from moderate to marginal. It means that instead of running around the flat, they will much more likely sunbathe during summer and lay in front of your TV or the closest radiator during all other seasons.

The aforementioned breed of cat is typically very healthy and there are no significant health concerns that should be taken note of by the owner. However, some cats may suffer from heart diseases that are in many instances genetic in character.

All other issues may be easily avoided by providing American shorthairs with a proper amount of high quality food and encouraging them to move a bit every single day. If you look for a couch potato like you, then there is hard to find a better companion than an American shorthair!