Abyssinian cats are appreciated and admired by a number of pet aficionados, especially due to their remarkable look and their highly interesting character traits. It is worth indicating that they just love enjoying life and experiencing everything that their surrounding has to offer them.

For example, there are only rare occasions where Abyssinians see an obstacle, a fence, or a high wall and decide against jumping on it. This breed is just perfect for individuals loving dynamic lifestyle, as cats being its representatives seem to spend as little time sleeping and resting as possible.

They prefer entertaining their owners, exploring the neighborhood, and frolicking around. Prospective buyers of such cats have to be aware of the fact that they are highly social pets who try to be center of attention during every gathering, meeting, or any other kind of event.

They can be truly persistent, but it has to be mentioned that they are really faithful to their caretakers. Additionally, take into account their love of high places – sometimes they have to be looked after as they may from time to time overestimate their flexibility and jumping skills, which may in turn result in a nasty injury.